Version 18-

--Added shit ton of new SFX

--Added in new Boss Art

--Added in new Music for credits


Version 17

--Added several new boss SFX

-- Defeating boss no longer breaks the playroom

-- Added in new Skeleton Graphics

-- Added in Ravens(and their walking aim)

--Fixed some player character sprites

--Cried a little

--Fixed boss attack randomization

--Fixed player damage

Version 15

-+-more accurate cursor

-+-Added music system

-+-Added mute button(but where the fuck do I put it?)

-+-Added little running guys on the menu

-+-You can make them explode if you click them though

-+-Added new tutorial signs

-+-Added new quest text

-+-Added new skeleton quips

Version 0014

-+- Menu tweaks

-+- moving during screen transitions no longer traps you

-+- enemy spawn rate is slower when boss is summoned

-+-Grog adds 1 HP and 1 max HP when player is

-+- Added 'More Gamez' to the main menu

-+- fixed artifacts around text when it's expanded

Version 0013

-+- New gaphix

-+-grog only adds max HP if player is already maxed out.

-+- Pickups will now slowly slide away from the throne if they're too close, to try and cut down on accidental triggering

-+-Fixed menu bug where moving mouse while the transition animation plays locks up the game

-+- skeleton has a few more quips he can say

-+- It's hallloooowwwweeennnnnn

Version 0012

-+-Fixed some transition effects not scaling correctly

-+-Souls no longer occasionally lose track of the player

-+-Added in background

-+-Selecting 'More Games' from the credits screen now has an effect

-+-Selecting More Games no longer opens infinite default browser windows, leading to a computer crash.

-+-Life is hard.

-+- Adjusted drop rates, basic's drop less per kill, marksmen and fighters drop more per kill

Version 0011

-+- Added scren transitions to make things less jarring.

-+-Added lazerbeam

-+-File IO to give first timers a special hello

-+-Ghosts rotate either direction now

-+- added grog that expands player max life by one

-+- Enemies have their own loot tables

-+- Menu no longer has the nonfunctional quit button

More information

Published 1 year ago
StatusIn development
AuthorCakeNeq Games
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers


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Absolute trash! It's fun trash, but trash...

Make the protection items manually deployable.