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Welcome to Super Skele Massacre! This game is a small infinite survival game made by Design by Chris, a small dev team based in Bethel Alaska. This game has a somewhat tragic development cycle. Just as the game hit beta I took a small trip to San Francisco. Like an idiot, I didn't backup the source code or even the most recent build of the game, so when some pleasant children smash & grabbed my laptop, all game data was lost. All I had was a week old build. I posted this as the "Three months of work that'll never be finished release" and have since moved on to a new project. So here it is. In all its never to be finished glory. Super Skele Massacre!

Super Skele Massacre drops you into the boots of Billy, a powerful Dwarven Adventurer escorting the King of the Northern Dwarven kingdom to a diplomatic meeting. On the way, you're beset by a band of Skele's(Pronounced Skells) led by the mysterious King above the Ghosts! You must save the Dwarven King from the truly inefficient assassination attempt.

As always, good luck, have fun.

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Published3 years ago
AuthorCakeNeq Games
Tagsdbc, design-by-chris, skele, wy477wh173
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip the folder, launch the executeable file, kill the baddies.


Super Skele Massacre.rar (5 MB)